Medical Providers

The role of cannabis has become an integral part of many patients’ medication regimen.

The concern for many health care providers is the lack of validated medical research and guidelines established by medical professionals. For the treatment of many conditions, we are provided with guidelines and suggested uses. Many physicians dismiss the idea of using cannabis because of the lack of guidance.

This may become a particular problem as many patients are much more informed about the different non-pharmaceutical options in general. A large number of these patients are now looking for physicians to show more understanding and empathy towards their desire to use non-traditional medications. Physicians and other health care providers should gain a basic understanding of cannabis along with other natural medicinal options. They do not need to become experts or even prescribe these medications, but they should be able to give the appropriate referrals when indicated.

Strategic Support for Medical Professionals

Doc Greens provides educational programs for a variety of health care providers. From formal lectures to small group discussions, we can provide the basic knowledge needed to improve the overall care of the patient. Doc Greens also provides medical referrals to professional medical service providers.

For patients that are referred, we work directly with your office staff and provide documentation and follow up communications. Our clinic will provide the support and documentation for the patient’s medical cannabis use. This includes letters, assisting with court appearances, and offering assistance with any forms that are related to the use of medical cannabis.

Successful Clinical Results for Doc Greens Patients

Some of the areas in which we have experienced the most significant success involve the treatment of pain and fatigue. Medical cannabis has also been used effectively for nausea caused by any underlying condition. This is especially well documented for the treatment of cancer symptoms and chemotherapy/radiation. We work closely with pain clinics to provide an alternative to opiates, in many cases effectively reducing narcotic use. We have had very promising results with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, seizures, and other neurological disorders. The government has now opened up the use of cannabis for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other qualifying conditions for the veteran population. The most interesting development has been the use of low dose cannabis for autistic and developmentally disabled children, especially those with aggressive and combative behavior.

Please explore the resources listed below or contact us for any further questions or information on our services.

Physician Testimonials

Medical cannabis has shown tremendous efficacy in treating refractory neurological illnesses. I strongly believe that as we learn more, medical cannabis will find its way into established medical practice. We owe it to the patients, as physicians and experts, to expose them to needed therapies of this nature.

Dr. Jawad Shah, M.D.


The use of medical cannabis has provided an excellent alternative for many different symptoms. With the advancements of processing there are many forms that can be used without any effects on the lungs. This has been especially useful in my patients with COPD, lung cancer, and other advanced lung diseases. The staff at Doc Greens has always been professional and taken good care of my patients.

Dr. Ron Kattoo, M.D.

Pulmonary & Critical Care