We strive to provide a high level of medical care.

At Doc Greens, we have an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff to ensure exceptional patient satisfaction. We provide our medical care in a medical office setting for a comfortable and pleasant experience. Many patients are nervous about cannabis use to begin with, but the visit to the doctor should not produce any additional nervousness.

The process itself can become complicated and tedious, but our experience and understanding have allowed us to make the process efficient and simplified. We will make sure that we provide the support you need to understand the medication and how to use it. You can trust our professional staff will provide the highest level of medical care.

Doc Greens Medical Office
Doc Greens Consultation


The process begins with a consultation in our office. You may ask for a referral from your physician or make an appointment yourself. Once you have an appointment you will have an opportunity to complete some of the registration forms on-line to save you time during your appointment, but is not required. Once you arrive you will be greeted by our staff. They will obtain your MI driver’s license or state ID (a valid ID is required). The state does not accept any other forms of ID (passport, military ID, SS card, etc.)

Doc Greens Medical Exam

Medical Exam

Next you will be examined along with a consultation. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and review any concerns. We have specialized staff that will continue to be a resource for your needs. The physician will complete a treatment recommendation and review it thoroughly. We will also communicate directly with your primary caregiver regarding your medical care as needed. After the consultation our office will communicate with your other treating physicians as appropriate.

Doc Greens Follow-up & Compliance

Compliance & Follow Up

For medical cannabis recommendations, there are a few more steps. There is a registration form that will be completed for you. This form will need to be sent to LARA for further processing. LARA will process your registration forms and issue a registration card. Along with this process, we will also stay in touch with you until a proper dose of medical cannabis is achieved. We will communicate with any caregiver or medication provider to ensure the proper form and dosage is being used.